The Devil’s Detective by Simon Kurt Unsworth

How does an Investigation Man find a murderer in Hell? That question alone drew me into this novel following Thomas Fool, an information man (i.e. detective) for Hell. And the ride was really quite wonderful. We’re introduced to Fool as he welcomes a delegation of four angels from Heaven, who have come for the regularContinue reading “The Devil’s Detective by Simon Kurt Unsworth”

30th Anniversary of the John B. Ervin Scholars Program

This past weekend, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the John B. Ervin Scholars Program at Washington University in St. Louis. I can say without a doubt that the constant support and good will of the program (which now employs me), I would not be the man, writer, and educator I am today. It wasContinue reading “30th Anniversary of the John B. Ervin Scholars Program”