The Yattering and Jack

Clive Barker’s story “The Yattering and Jack” is definitely one of the more interesting stories we have read so far. It had its own set of problems but still was able to remain quite interesting and funny. This is the story of the Yattering, a lower demon from Hell, and his attempt to corrupt Jack’sContinue reading “The Yattering and Jack”

30 Days of Night (and Death)

I remember watching “30 Days of Night” when I was younger and thinking that it was pretty decent for what it was. Had a couple bigger name actors, namely Josh Hartnett. So when I saw that we were going to be reading the graphic novel for class, I was super excited. And I’d have toContinue reading “30 Days of Night (and Death)”

Clive Barker’s “Rawhead Rex”

Clive Barker’s short story “Rawhead Rex” was my definition of a story about wanton death. Nearly every character that is ever focused on in the story dies horribly at the hands of Rawhead. I honestly didn’t know who our protagonist was going to be, or even if there would be one, until closer to theContinue reading “Clive Barker’s “Rawhead Rex””

Sarah Pinborough’s “Breeding Ground”

I think I have sat here for about an hour now, unsure of how I want to write this post. I have so many emotions going through me right now. Confusion, anger, disappointment. How do I respond to this book that I enjoyed reading but DESPISED finishing… I guess… Well, let’s just start at theContinue reading “Sarah Pinborough’s “Breeding Ground””

Matheson’s “The Funeral”

Matheson’s short story “The Funeral” took several stereotypical horror monsters of the times and spun them like a top laced with humor. And I have to say, it killed me. Okay, okay, not the best joke in the world but honestly, that’s about how the humor felt to me. Matheson tried to create some jokesContinue reading “Matheson’s “The Funeral””