Time for a Reboot

As I approach the end of my Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, I’m realizing that blogging needs to become a normal part of my everyday life as a writer. Not only does it keep me writing and get the creative juices flowing, but it also connects me with readers on a more intimate level. This is a chance for readers of my work to get to know me a little better and for me to pass along whatever wisdom I may have picked up along the way. So with that being said, it’s time for a reboot.

In the future, I’m going to be covering many different aspects of life as a writer and father and citizen of the world. Topics for posts will range from book reviews and writing advice to raising a son and the crazy things he does to working in higher education and living in the increasingly global community our world is becoming. Oh, and expect a fair amount of discussion and pictures of tattoos as well, probably my favorite form of artistic expression. And St. Louis has so much wonderful artwork walking around on the street that I will be sharing with everyone.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting. Feel free to contact me with any questions via email at kristopherlcampa@gmail.com or on my Facebook page.

My second tattoo, a silver dragon running up my left side
My second tattoo, a silver dragon running up my left side

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