A New Year with New Opportunities

Happy New Year! I know I’ve been MIA for a few months, but I promise I’ve been around. It’s been quite busy but I’ll do my best to get a few more posts going.

Right now, life has been consumed by a few different areas of my life but these have led to some great opportunities. The first and most important, although the one that doesn’t get enough attention, has been my family life. Having two children in the house is way different than having just the one. But I love my two boys and wife with all my heart and we are having a great time together. My oldest has started soccer lessons and I couldn’t be more proud. My youngest is four months old now and growing like a weed. Already he’s bigger than his older brother was at that age. Being a good father for them is my number one priority and I’m meeting the challenge every day with every fiber of my being.

The second area has been my work life. The scholarship program is doing great and we are preparing for our 30th Anniversary in the Fall. We are also reading through scholarships now and preparing to select our Class of 2021 scholars. This blows my mind. I graduated from the program in 2013 and that seems so long ago. I can tell you when I graduated, I didn’t see myself being the Program Coordinator four years later, helping select scholars, plan all the events, and mentoring scholars so they can achieve more. I also just got asked by a student to write a letter of recommendation, the first of many I’m sure I will write throughout my life.

The last area has been my writing career (and one that technically this website should fall under). I’ve divided that into two different areas. The first is my actual writing. I’m finishing up the second draft of my second novel. Really enjoying it but I have the itch to start something completely new. I’ve got an idea for a science fantasy novel and really want to get started on it. I need to spend some more time sending out queries to agents and hopefully that will get done in the next few weeks/month. The second is my teaching career. I’ve been prepping to teach my first course, Fantasy Writing, and am super excited. Next Monday is my first class and it can’t get here fast enough.

That’s it for now. I’ll be in touch again soon!

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