On Getting an MFA

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since I finished up my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. The two and a half years that I spent working on that degree have been so worth it. I’ve learned so much from the amazing mentors and friends about writing and living and being a professional writer. If you are serious about writing and really want to get that degree, I highly recommend this program.

12496427_10153899211738708_4351290130595776776_oI’ve taken a little hiatus from the website but I’m back. And now that I’m done with graduate school, the question I’ve gotten from family members, colleagues and students is what’s next?

Well, now comes the arduous process of finding a publisher for Sentinel’s Soul. More info on the book and the processĀ in a later post. I’ve also started work on book two, tentatively titled Sentinel’s Blood. I had forgotten how great it was to experience pure creation. Right now, I’ve got permission to write badly and just get the story down on the page. It’s liberating and terrifying at the same time but is also part of the reason that I love to write.

I’ve also begun thinking about teaching at the college level. Just a class here and there to expand my CV and get some on the ground experience teaching creative writing. Fingers crossed that it will work out.

Also, it’s been wonderful to read for the sheer pleasure of it again. Already finished up Jim Butcher’s Fool Moon and working on one of my favorites, R. A. Salatore’s “Homeland”.

So here’s to a new year! May your writing be inspired and your life fulfilling. I’ll end with a tattoo of a close family member, done in honor of her grandfather.



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