Homeland, R.A. Salvatore

Have you ever picked up an old favorite and reread it? It’s like reuniting with an old friend and wondering why you ever stopped talking.

Homeland2I had that wonderful experience this past week rereading Salvatore’s Homeland. Now, my brother recently got me a signed copy of his Cleric Quintet, the first series I read of Salvatore’s. And it’s still one of my favorites. But by far my favorite character of Salvatore’s, maybe even of all time, is Drizzt Do’Urden. This noble drow swordsman who has sparked a long running series of novels, graphic novels and game characters.

Homeland was written after the first introduction of Drizzt in the Icewind Dale Trilogy. This novel focuses on Drizzt early years in Menzoberranzan, drow city located in the Underdark. It’s an evil, chaotic city filled with all kinds of creatures who are raised to do nothing but scheme and murder. But Drizzt is unique in that he has none of the murderous desires for power that his brethren have. The novel follows him from early childhood through his schooling, both at home under the matriarchal society and in the warrior school of Melee-Magthere, and eventually to his refusal of drow society and escape into the Underdark.

The novel was a quick read but a very enjoyable one for me. Part of that comes from my love of Drizzt Do’Urden as a character. But another part comes from my fascination with the drow. These creatures who seem so strange in their evil ways but I can’t help but like. In fact, thinking back now, the drow played a large role in my conception of the shedim in my own novel. But more on that another day.

All-in-all, I give Homeland a 5/5, equal parts nostalgia and just good, fun writing and reading.

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