This is Halloween – Wait Your Turn!

Halloween is without a doubt my favorite holiday of the year. I love the all the decorations that go up, the costumes, the candy. The overall feel of spookiness that permeates the air is quite simply intoxicating. You get all the horror movies to come on TV, from the cult classics like Hellraiser to theContinue reading “This is Halloween – Wait Your Turn!”

How Do You Find Time to Write?

I’m finishing up my masters right now from Seton Hill University and to be honest I couldn’t be happier. I’ve received both of the required “passes” from my two mentors and now it’s time to coast to January. But by no means has it been an easy road. I was talking with some friends fromContinue reading “How Do You Find Time to Write?”

Being the Best Father I Can

It’s weird to think that I have a son now, a living breathing flesh-and-blood human being who shares some of my same genetic material. And I love him so very much, although all he seems to do is eat, sleep, and relieve himself of waste (i.e. pee and poop… a lot). Even with the eightContinue reading “Being the Best Father I Can”